Raven and River
A bird soars over the Far North awakening wildlife with the changing of the seasons.

Meet the Author

Nancy White Carlstrom has written more than 50 books for children, including the Jesse Bear series with illustrator Bruce Degan.

She draws inspiration from her 18 years living in Alaska, volunteer experiences in Africa and Haiti, and raising sons Jesse and Joshua.

Nancy's story

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by Nancy White Carlstrom

Books are the best bridges
In all the world
Cross over
And you can be anyone
You can be me
I can be you
Together we can read
And meet each other halfway.

Los libros

based on "Books" by Nancy White Carlstrom

Los libros son como puentes
que unen cada pueblo
del mundo.
Te invitan a ser alguien
de otro lugar:
tú puedes ser yo,
yo puedo ser tú.
Si leemos juntos,
nos encontraremos a medio camino.

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Raven and River

"The beauty and majesty of nature is brought to life in this dramatic, richly descriptive picture book."--School Library Journal. Illustrated by Jon Van Zyle. University of Alaska Press





Riding a Camel to Timbuktu

Nancy wrote the poem below for her sons when they were very small. Little did she know then that son Josh would one day pilot a plane to Timbuktu! The poem was published in High Five Magazine.


Riding a Camel

Thumpita Humpita

Kick off a shoe
Riding a camel
To Timbuktu.

Humpita Thumpita

I don't know when
I'll ride the camel
Back home again.

copyright 2008 Highlights for Children, Inc. Columbus, OH. 
illustrated by Lisa Zimbamanzar