Before You Were Born

"After writing this text, I read it, first to one son, age eight, then to the other, age five. Each responded with 'You wrote this about me, didn’t you Mom?' And I could say to both, 'Yes.'"

The story
What child isn't curious about those first days of life? In Before You Were Born Nancy White Carlstrom celebrates the mystery of how each child is a part of God's plan and the wonder of how a family grows and changes when a child arrives. With vibrant colors and joyful images, illustrator Linda Saport tenderly conveys the excitement and love with which parents welcome children into their lives. This lyrical celebration of every child's life takes its inspiration from Psalm 139.

"A luminescent tale extolling the miraculous changes wrought by an infant's arrival. Expanding upon the greatly reassuring words of Psalm 139, Carlstrom details the myriad ways in which a couple’s life evolves with the birth of their child...A beautiful portrayal." —Kirkus Reviews

Society of Illustrators “The Original Art” Annual Exhibition
ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards Finalist

illustrated by Linda Saport


Before you were born
God wrote your days in a book, and when you arrived
we wrapped you in white
and introduced you to the dawn.