"Our family made many trips to the island of Molokai where we enjoyed snorkeling. I think the beauty of that underwater world first sparked the idea for this praise poem. I also used the text at our church as a children's litany which we performed."

The story
With words that sing and colors that spill joy across the pages, author Nancy White Carlstrom and illustrator Debra Reid Jenkins celebrate creation and the way every creature praises God. Whether winged or finned or furry, each creature — by being and doing what it was made to be and do — gives glory to the Creator. And children do this too, especially because they have hearts and minds that can delight in and learn about all the rest of creation.

"Glorious words and whimsical art leave children with a sense of the exhilaration that comes with the knowledge of Creation. Whether it's a wide swath of red tumbling across the golden pages or the poetic text, this lovely jumble captures the feeling of life in motion." —Booklist

Booklist Top Ten Religious Children’s Books

illustrated by Debra Reid Jenkins


Glory be to God
for fluttering wings,
for chickadees and butterflies . . .
and all small things
that wing their praise.