Blow Me a Kiss, Miss Lilly

"In 1983 the real Miss Lilly, a Seattle neighbor who lived across the street from us, had a heart attack and I started this story. Only after finishing it did I realize that I was actually working through my own feelings of grief at the possibility of a dear friend dying. Thankfully, the real Miss Lilly lived for another five years, to the age of 94."

The Story
Sara's best friend, Miss Lilly, is very old, but it doesn't seem to bother her one bit. She eats ice cream for breakfast, brings birthday bouquets to all the neighbors, and makes plum jelly from her tree in the garden.

Miss Lilly tells Sara stories of when she was a young girl as they cuddle under the rainbow afghan on her sofa.

One morning Miss Lilly gets sick and goes to the hospital. Sara misses her and makes a special card with her crayons.

“Carlstrom treats her young character's grief realistically, and lets readers share Sara's gradual healing.“ —Parents’ Choice

"...offers perspective and lessons on coping with loss. It is a good book for a child who has lost a relative or friend to illness or death." —Los Angeles Times Book Review

Children’s Choice Book 1991
Parents’ Choice Book 1991

illustrated by Amy Schwartz

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