Northern Lullaby

"One night shortly after moving to Alaska our son, Jesse, said, 'Goodnight Mommy Moon.' And I replied, 'Goodnight Jesse Star.' In the morning I began work on Northern Lullaby and it was as if I had dreamed it all night long."

"Framed by the Dillons’ magical evocation of the northern night sky, Carlstrom's soothing words, — part poem, part lullaby — convey both grace and dignity." —Booklist starred review

"Much like the classic Goodnight Moon, but with a nod to Alaskan wilderness and lore, Carlstrom's latest picture book is a gentle hymn about preparing for bedtime and the magic of nightfall... The non-rhyming quatrains of Carlstrom's poetry possess a soothing, lilting quality, perfect for quiet reading times." —Publishers Weekly starred review

Society of Illustrators Gold Medal
Publishers Weekly top 50 books of 1992

illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon

Goodnight Papa Star
Goodnight Mama Moon
Bending your silver arms
Down through the darkness


Japanese edition