What Does the Sky Say?

The story
A child watches the sky in changing seasons and in all kinds of weather and learns to listen to its voice. In What Does the Sky Say? author Nancy White Carlstrom's imaginative and poetic text encourages all readers, both very young and older, to wake up to and participate in the opportunities for joy and learning each day offers. And Tim Ladwig's extraordinary illustrations perfectly capture the moods of weather and season, the magic of childhood, and our deep connection to all creation and its Creator.

"...a joyous prose poem whose swirling, light-drenched illustrations by Tim Ladwig complement the text's sense of wonder." —Publishers Weekly, Religion Update

"...delightful, imaginative, and engaging text perfectly captures the wonder of watching the sky and listening to its many sounds both dramatic and subtle in the changing seasons and in all kinds of weather.” —Midwest Book Review

National Outdoor Book Award
Independent Publishers Book Award

illustrated by Tim Ladwig

"What does the sky say?"
a child asks.
What does it say on a winter day, or on a Saturday night,
or when the rain
beats on its chest,
or its mouth is full of moon?