The Snow Speaks

"Our first winter in Alaska I was impressed with the snow, the designs in it, the marks on it and, in a sense, what it would say to you if you really looked and listened. A few years later I celebrated the New Year by writing The Snow Speaks in the little cabin where I did most of my writing. It was very cold (-45 degrees), with sparkling stars and Northern Lights."

The story
Captures the sights and sounds of the season's first snowfall, leading up to the coming of Christmas.

"Whether the snow is crunching under boots, blowing before the plow, holding the impressions of animal tracks and angel shapes or shining in the moonlight—it speaks volumes to the children who have "wise and patient" eyes. Carlstrom's lofty text reflects the mystical properties of snow..." —Publishers Weekly

illustrated by Jane Dyer


When words freeze
In the thin, brittle air
and nostrils stick together,
The snow speaks
in squeaks and crunches
under the children’s feet.
Cold Cold Cold.