Swim the Silver Sea, Joshie Otter

"This story began as a song I sang to our second son, Joshie, when he was around one year old. It was published as a book when he was in the second grade. The illustrations are by an artist from Tokyo and the book is in Japanese as well as English."

The Story
Because none of the other animals will play with him, Joshie the sea otter swims too far out to sea, but he is called back by a song sung in the strong safe voice of his mother.

"Splendid paintings in a variety of shimmering Arctic hues illustrate a soothing bedtime story. In search of a playmate, Joshie Otter swims far away from home, past seal pups, walrus calves, puffins, kittiwakes, murres and a stalking fox. Stranded in the middle of the cold, nocturnal sea, he hears his mother’s song and follows it home, swimming back past these same animals, who are now asleep." —Booklist

"...lilting cadence is just right for this lyrical bedtime story. . . includes a melodious tune." —Kirkus Reviews

illustrated by Ken Kuroi


Swim the silver sea, Joshie Otter Swim on home to me, Joshie Otter When the moon comes up
Brave the waves, my pup
And swim the silver sea,
my Joshie Otter.

Japanese edition