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Giggle Wiggle Wake-Up

Giggle-Wiggle Wake-up

The Story

“The poetry of this book tumbled out when our sons were very young. After I revised it over the years, 20 to be exact, the essence is still the same – an invitation for children and parents to play with language.”


“In an ebullient burst of playful language, Carlstrom’s tale whisks readers through a youngster’s Monday routine. From the first glimmer of sunlight that awakens Sammy, to a raucous recounting of his preschool experiences, fanciful rhyming word pairs frolic across the pages, entreating readers to join the fun.” — Kirkus Reviews

It's a tiny-shiny wake-up. It's a tiny-shiny day.

Who Said Boo

Who Said Boo? Halloween Poems for the Very Young

The Story

“In Fairbanks, Alaska where we lived, trick or treating in 25 below zero was not much fun, so a Halloween carnival was held at our elementary school. In fact, this book is dedicated to the wonderful teachers, staff and students of Woodriver Elementary where both our boys went to kindergarten through sixth grades.”


“There’s a whole lot of mood and activity packed into these pages. The very brief poems would make nice reading for a Halloween program, party or story hour.” — School Library Journal


The Story

A lively cumulative tale set in the West Indies with each member of the family from Baby-o to Pappy-o, bringing something to market.

Chickens running in the garden patch,
Running in the morning sun.
Try and catch.
Chuka chuka
Chuka Chuka
Sing a song of Baby-O


“The warmth of family mingles with the robustness of island life in a book infectious with vitality.” – Booklist

“Sing it, chant it, clap it, stamp it. Just don’t miss it.” – School Library Journal


Paperback edition includes music arranged by Susan Thierman.

What Would You Do If You Lived at the Zoo?

The Story

Young readers are invited to answer the questions posed on each spread with noisy nonsense words.

Toogooliwa Smack Smack
Mutoo Psst Psst
Dippa-da Flip Flap
Shhh Shhh Slap!


“While the various inquiries demonstrate Carlstrom’s linguistic playfulness (“Would you romp with the tiger and chomp with the ape?”), her responses are sure to catch kids’ fancies. . . .using onomatopoeia and tongue-twisting sounds to foment a riot of aural enjoyment.” starred review Publishers Weekly

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